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What is the impact of solar eclipses on inventions?

2017 / 08 / 18

A solar eclipse is a phenomenon that occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, thus, occulting the disk of the Sun. This is a rare phenomenon which fully reoccurs only every 18 years. The next full solar eclipse is expected on 21 August 2017 during which the Moon’s shadow will be best seen by the USA population.


What distinguishes the original from a plagiarised copy?

2017 / 08 / 10

Plagiarism most likely emerged at the time the man started to create things: when someone saw something pretty, they wanted to have a thing just like that, and if they could be capitalised upon, good ideas would simply be ‘borrowed’.


The Number of Inventions Tackling Climate Change Problems Is Growing

2017 / 08 / 03

Climate change is often recognized as one of the most serious problems facing mankind of our times. Thus, energy from renewable sources may contribute to the solution of the climate change problems.