Violeta Sutkiene remembers foundation of METIDA

Violeta Sutkiene, associated partner and head of the Trademark and Design Division at Professional Law Partnership METIDA, Law Firm of Reda Zaboliene and Partners with 25 years of experience in the area of intellectual property law, remembers how it was when METIDA was just a sapling, and the tough decisions on which the firm’s future was built.

What was METIDA’s first team like, and how did it change and grow later on?

We worked hard, visited international professional conferences, got to know a lot of colleagues from around the globe, and drew on their experience. We grew stronger and realised that we were short of hands, and we were in a position where we could begin growing our business. Little by little, we were joined by other lawyers, who now have been working with METIDA for more than 20 years. Our colleagues are like a family to us, we know each other very well, our children grew up together, going to shared events and festivals.

Now everything is highly structured at the firm, everyone knows their responsibilities and duties. I am responsible for smooth and efficient operation of the Trademark and Design Division. Professionalism, trust of the client, excellent image of the firm, development, and happy staff: these are our key goals and responsibilities.

How does your regular day at work looks like?

I try to stick to my daily agenda, although often I have to move some of my tasks, for new priorities are forever popping up: suddenly you get in touch with a client who needs fast and important legal assistance, you have to discuss some major projects. Coordinating the Division’s work and its smooth operation, search for clients and generating orders, meeting with clients and drawing proposals once we know what they need: this is what I do every day. Simple, but you have to approach everything with a high degree of creativity and responsibility. I dedicate a lot of my time to completing tasks and projects, because I am a part of the partner team, I feel responsible for the success of our shared projects, and for METIDA’s flight onwards.

Do you have any fun moments at work?

I love it when a client sees the benefits of the protection of intellectual property, shows innovation and takes immense interest in the proposal; then we are set to find excellent and mutually beneficial solutions. It is great that some of our clients have been with us for 25 years already; we will soon be extending the validity of their trademarks for a third decade. It is nice when a client is happy with our advice and can refer us to others.

Is the work of the head of the Trademark and Design Division boring?

Working in the field of trademark and design law is very exciting. Supervising a division is not just limited to delegating jobs or looking for clients: it also involves maintaining good relations with my colleagues and improving my professional skills and knowledge. I like it when we are presented with fresh ideas of how we could improve the quality of our work and keep achieving new goals.

What would you wish to METIDA?

I wish that METIDA lives a long and successful life, that inventors and trademark owners over the world approach METIDA’s professionals over protection of their intellectual property and rights without hesitation.